A summary of Being Kind: How much sociability matters

Hey Neighbour Collective featured in SFU webinar on the importance of sociability and kindness, and how they connect to urban planning and policy issues.

In a heartfelt contribution to SFU Urban Stuides’ Pandemonium webinar series on Oct. 21 2020, panelists from Vancouver, Toronto and London, U.K. reflected on the dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic that have affected our relationships in profoundly disruptive ways. Reaching beyond the compulsion to be “nice” to one another, panelists brought ideas, evidence and stories from their practice and research on what is at stake for the common humanity of our cities as we respond to and recover from the pandemic.

Panelists were Helen Pineo, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, University College London; Michelle Hoar, Project Director of the Hey Neighbour Collective; Kate Mulligan, Director of Policy and Communications with the Alliance for Healthy Communities and Assistant Professor at the Dallas Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto; Joan Wandolo and Anthonia Ogundele of Ethos Lab; and Jennifer Johnstone, President & CEO of the Central City Foundation.

Read Meg Holden and Aphrodite Bouikidis’ summary of the webinar discussion or watch the recording below.

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This new report was released by the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer for Canada shortly after this webinar.