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Dr. Meg Holden

Dr. Meg Holden is Professor and Director of Urban Studies and Professor of Resources and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University. Her research and teaching is in the domain of urban and regional planning and policy, sustainable development and well-being, and pragmatic philosophy. An environmental pragmatist, Meg engages in applied and action research as well as theory-building.

Meg’s all-time favourite hip hop artist is Special Ed and she recently learned to dance a hornpipe.

Dr. Meg Holden SFU Research Co-lead (Director and Professor, SFU Urban Studies).
SHHRC report cover over top of a water colour painting of people in a courtyard by a multi-unit housing complex.

How does housing density really affect life in cities?

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Canada is simultaneously experiencing a severe housing crisis and – like many other countries – a crisis of increasing loneliness and social isolation. Intervening to tackle loneliness and social isolation…
New construction coming up in the green zone along the river in Vancouver, as seen from the air, with the mountains in the background.

More housing supply isn’t a cure-all for the housing crisis

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Drawing on a B.C.-wide survey of 1,004 residents conducted from March to April 2021, our recent study shows that unaffordability is only one type of housing vulnerability that has taken its toll on British Columbians during the COVID-19 pandemic.