About Hey Neighbour Collective

Hey Neighbour Collective (HNC) brings together housing providers, non-profits, researchers, local and regional governments, housing associations and health authorities to experiment with and learn about ways of building community, social connectedness and resilience in BC’s fast-growing multi-unit housing communities.

Support team

HNC’s Support Team members play a number of roles: coordinating and facilitating the community of practice and supporting practice partners’ on-the-ground programming efforts; designing and undertaking research and evaluation activities with practice partners; maintaining, nurturing and expanding our broad set of partnerships; managing cross-sectoral dialogues and knowledge mobilization activities; and overseeing administration and finances.

Michelle Hoar

Project Director

Michelle Hoar has a laugh against a brick wall.

Lainey Martin

Project Assistant

Lainey Martin SFU Research Assistant.

Dr. Meg Holden

SFU Research Co-lead (Director and Professor, SFU Urban Studies)

Dr. Meg Holden SFU Research Co-lead (Director and Professor, SFU Urban Studies).

Dr. Atiya Mahmood

SFU Research Co-lead (Associate Professor, SFU Gerontology)

Dr. Atiya Mahmood stands beside a bookcase at SFU.

Dr. Meghan Winters

SFU Research Co-lead (Associate Professor, SFU Health Sciences)

Dr. Meghan Winters SFU Research Co-lead Associate Professor, SFU Health Sciences.

Madeleine Hebert

Intern Architect AIBC (Happy Cities)

Houssam Elokda

Policy planner (Happy Cities)

Houssam Elokda is a housing and land use policy planner. housing and land use policy planner. He leads Happy City's work in supporting the development of community masterplans and housing projects. He brings an evidence-based approach that helps government clients maximize urban health and wellbeing. Houssam is part of the CMHC college of experts on housing and is an expert reviewer for CMHC grants. He brings to his planning and policy work a background in real estate development and construction. He also helped deliver multi-year research projects investigating how the design and programming of housing influences wellbeing.

Practice partners

HNC’s practice partners are the real innovators, working with residents of multi-unit housing communities to build social connections and resilience. They share their learnings with support team members and each other through professionally facilitated community of practice sessions.

Catalyst Community Developments Society

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Catalyst’s website

Close To Home (West End Seniors Network)

HNC-related news about WESN

WESN’s website

Senior Services Society of BC

Senior Services Society’s website

Brightside Community Homes Foundation

HNC-related news about Brightside

Brightside’s website

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

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BRN’s website

City of New Westminster

City of New Westminster website

Learning network partners

Our Learning Network Partners are all concerned, like HNC, about the troubling increase in loneliness and social isolation and see a role for landlords, property managers and non-profits to work within multi-unit housing contexts to build community, social connectedness and resilience. We value their financial and in-kind support and the ongoing dialogue about the systemic aspects of our work.



A huge thank you to all current and past funders. We wouldn’t be here without you! If you are interested in learning about funding opportunities, please contact Michelle Hoar, HNC’s Project Director.

From friendly buildings to an emergent pilot project, a history of HNC

From friendly buildings to an emergent pilot project, a history of HNC

The Hey Neighbour Collective emerged from collaboration between staff involved in the City of Vancouver’s 2018-2019 Hey Neighbour! pilot project and a…

Thank you to our funders

Past partners, team members, advisors