Theory of change

Learn more about who we are, and what we’re trying to achieve.

Multi-unit housing is: socially connected, desirable, neighbourly, health-promoting, and resilient.

Our intended impact

Hey Neighbour Collective helps to create the conditions for these long-term outcomes:

  • A measurable increase in social connectedness and resiliency amongst residents of multiunit buildings in BC’s urban communities, leading to improved health and well-being.
  • Positive transformation of the ways in which multi-unit buildings are engaged, managed and designed, in order to foster more socially connected, vibrant, and resilient communities.
  • Shifting attitudes, beliefs and values about the desirability of living in multi-unit housing – where multi-unit housing is seen as a “home” rather than a temporary place of residence.

What supports these changes

  • ENGAGED, SAFE & EMPOWERED RESIDENTS: Healthier residents through increased engagement, sense of community, safety and belonging
  • PRO-ACTIVE LANDLORDS & PROPERTY MANAGERS: Improved business practices and results
  • IMPROVED HOUSING DESIGN: Guidelines and practices that support the creation of environments which foster social connectedness and resilience
  • SUPPORTIVE POLICY: Resources and direction for planning, design and programming
Impact areas, what are we working to change: mindsets, relationships, behaviours and practices, policy, systems and structures.

Read the rest of our change theory (PDF) , including:

  1. Our key strategies,
  2. Who do we bring together to do this?
  3. Our foundational principles,
  4. More details of our impact areas.

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