About us // Sherri Crane

Sherri Crane

Originally from Ontario, Sherri moved to the lower mainland in 1997 and has called many communities her home. For over 25 years Sherri has worked in the not-for-profit social service sector, primarily focused on leading outreach programs that promote and support adults to live independently.

As Brightside’s Manager of Housing Services and Engagement, Sherri’s team focuses on resident engagement in all areas of tenancy, community engagement and relocation services. This includes offering information, resources, referrals and advocacy to community based supports, services and health care. Sherri and her team actively work with community social service organizations and post-secondary research partners to develop programs and initiatives that serve Brightside residents, promoting social engagement and mutual support.

Sherri’s role includes support and information for fellow Brightside employees in their daily work, with a focus on positive relationships, person centered interactions and personal resilience.

When she isn’t working, you might find Sherri hanging out at a local park with friends, talking to other people’s dogs, plunking away at her ukulele or watching a movie.

Sherri Crane Resident Support Specialist (Brightside).