Partner snapshot: Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods’ Connect & Prepare program builds emergency preparedness and community resilience between immediate neighbours.

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods (BRN) is a collaborative effort to help create more resilient communities and neighbourhoods in British Columbia. Its flagship Connect & Prepare program is delivered in partnership with the City of Victoria’s Emergency Management Department, Victoria Ready. BRN is a not-for- profit Society in partnership with Municipal Government, with a mission to strengthen communities’ ability to pro-actively respond and adapt to change, stress and uncertainty through building stronger, more connected neighbourhoods where everyone’s basic needs are met and everyone belongs.

Approach being tested

Connect & Prepare builds emergency preparedness and community resilience by strengthening social connections between immediate neighbours. Through facilitated workshops, neighbours get to know each other, learn about acute emergencies and chronic stresses, identify assets and priorities, and implement shared preparedness projects. Each group builds a kit of shared emergency supplies, and has access to micro-grants to help them continue to collaborate on projects.

Related details

» Victoria
» Approximately 8 participating buildings per year
» Low-rise, high-rise, townhouses
» 346 units in current cohort (varies with cohort)
» Market rentals, rent-geared to income, below-market rentals, owner-occupied, mixed owners and secondary rentals, cooperative housing, and subsidized rentals
» Residents include families & individuals, seniors, people with disabilities, and people living on a low income