About us // Rojan Nasiri

Rojan Nasiri

Rojan is a research assistant at Hey Neighbor Collective, working on a project focused on identifying the physical characteristics of shared spaces within multi-unit housing that contribute to social interaction among residents. 

She graduated with a Master’s degree in the field of urban planning in 2019 from the University of Tehran. After her graduation, she began work as an urban planner in a Consulting Engineers office. During her working experiences, she came to notice that, although older populations are often the majority of society, their needs are overlooked by planners. To gain a better knowledge of the aging process, she started her graduate studies in the field of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Along with her urban planning background, Rojan’s research interest revolves around ageing in place. In her academic journey at SFU, she is trying to gain an understanding of how both neighbourhoods and residential settings can support older adults as long as possible, to prevent relocation to a care setting.  

In her spare time, Rojan enjoys catching up on her favourite TV series, and whenever she has the chance, loves to be outside and spend time in nature.

Rojan looks at the camera with a slight smile, her brown hair tucked behind her head, while wearing a black turtleneck and a small, silver pendent necklace.