About us // Paty Rios

Dr. Paty Rios

Paty is a global leader in promoting sociability and social well-being in built environments. She has an interdisciplinary background in architecture, urban design, ethnography and participatory design. Paty promotes a human-centered design approach that combines evidence and engagement with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to analyze and respond to social complexity. Her work experience in different countries, as well as her background in academia and the non for profit world, allows her to navigate challenges with a unique multi-lens approach.

Paty currently leads the Housing and Research team at Happy City. She leads the Happy Homes, a multi-year research-action project that has led to a powerful toolkit that planners, architects and developers are using to boost social well-being in multi-unit housing. As part of this project, Paty brought together over 40 interdisciplinary experts to develop policy and design recommendations that address the technical, financial and policy barriers keeping stakeholders from designing sociable homes. The project keeps growing and is now helping to advise developers and municipalities on wellbeing strategies to create affordable, connected and inclusive communities. 

Dr. Paty Rios Housing & Sociability Specialist (Partner, Happy City).