About us // Molly Rose

Molly Rose

Molly Rose is a program and curriculum designer working with Building Resilient Neighbourhoods and is currently developing a pilot program that aims to build caring communities of neighbours that support safe and happy aging at home. Her work as a community planning consultant focuses on fostering meaningful neighbourhood connections to help address a range of societal challenges including loneliness, social isolation, emergency preparedness, natural disaster recovery, and climate action. 

Molly holds a Master of Science in Urban Studies from the 4Cities Euromaster program in which she studied social innovation in refugee housing in Vienna, Austria. Inspired by her favourite public spaces in Berlin and Copenhagen, Molly is keen to help create a more active and engaging urban environment in her hometown Victoria BC, and volunteers to organize community projects in public spaces to promote relationship-building and connection to place.

Molly loves cities, but she is also known to occasionally disappear on multi-month hikes.

Molly Rose smiles at the camera wearing a green and white striped shirt.