About us // Meeka Marsolais

Meeka Marsolais

Meeka Marsolais is the Close to Home Program Coordinator at West End Seniors’ Network (WESN). She is passionate about supporting people to build connections and form communities and believes this is critical to address the next public health crisis – social isolation.

Meeka is currently studying gerontology at SFU in the PBD program, graduating this spring. She volunteers at Vancouver Coop Radio, hosting a show she founded called ‘Talking Aging,’ with a mission to fight ageism.

Meeka also leads the ‘Choose to Move’ program at WESN as an Activity Coach, is a Head Skating Instructor with the City of Vancouver, and is a Certified Spin Instructor.

Meeka Marsolais smiles big with her blond hair in wavy curls around her shoulders, wearing a black turtle-neck sweater.