About us // Dr. Atiya Mahmood

Dr. Atiya Mahmood

Atiya Mahmood, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University. Her post-secondary education has been in Architecture with a focus on environment-behaviour relationships. Her post-doctoral training has been in Environmental Gerontology. Her research focus is in several distinct, yet related areas, within the general area of aging, health and environment. These are:

  • Neighbourhood urban design, mobility and participation of older adults and persons with mobility limitations, sensory and cognitive disabilities;
  • Social participation and civic engagement in multi-unit housing;
  • Housing insecurity, homelessness and aging in the right place;
  • Natural recreation and mobility spaces for persons with disabilities.

Dr. Mahmood’s expertise includes qualitative, mixed-method and community-based participatory research. She has received funding for projects in these areas from different organizations including Social Science and Humanities Research Council, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Human Resource and Social Development and Accessibility Canada.

Her funded research include projects on urban design, mobility and social participation of older adults and persons with disabilities; social engagement in multi-unit buildings; housing insecurity and aging in the right place, neighbourhood environments and active living; linkage of innovative housing and support services to age-friendly communities and aging in place.

Dr. Atiya Mahmood stands beside a bookcase at SFU.