About us // Vrindy Spencer

Vrindy Spencer

Vrindy has held many community roles over the past 15 years in North America, Europe, and Asia. Most recently she has been an Equity Consultant, Facilitator, and Community Engagement Specialist for organizations including Building Resilient Neighbourhoods, City of Victoria, and United Way of British Columbia and has found a permanent home in Greater Victoria – Esquimalt, BC. Her focus is on social justice, empowerment, creativity, and deep emotional connections.

She has a Liberal Arts degree from Quest University Canada, Provincial Instructors Diploma from VCC, and Masters in Equity Studies from SFU. Her academic background and personal interests include exploring questions such as, “What conditions optimize a sense of belonging?”, “How can I facilitate group intimacy?”, and “How do we heal in community?” and building curriculum for mixed-race people to find community, explore ancestry, and take action toward decolonization.  

Her personal community work includes swing dancing and cuddling with her cat, JouJou.

Vrindy Spencer smiles at the camera wearing a mauve sweater in front of a garden full of purple lupines.