About us // Sreya Ajay

Sreya Ajay

Sreya is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Studies at SFU. Within Hey Neighbour, she is assisting with the qualitative analysis of 2023 resident survey data, which she also helped collect.

Before coming to Canada, Sreya earned her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in India and worked as a researcher at a non-profit in Delhi. There, she worked on heat risk assessment and early-warning systems among low-income households in different parts of the city. 

Coming from an ecologically fragile region, Sreya’s interests lie primarily in ecological vulnerabilities and impacts on at-risk populations. In the past few years, she has been working on the resilience and adaptability of communities in Indian cities, particularly concerning housing. 

Sreya is also invested in storytelling and democratizing research to make it accessible to a diverse range of communities. She is curious about exploring the use of innovative mediums such as comics, games, and animation to communicate research.

In her free time, Sreya loves reading graphic novels, doodling, and watching movies and cat videos.

Sreya Ajay, Research Assistant