About us // Sogol Haji Hosseini

Sogol Haji Hosseini

Sogol Haji Hosseini is a research assistant with the Hey Neighbour Collective, where she focuses on inclusive planning and design for older adults to stay active and mobile. Originally from Tehran, Iran, she is completing her second master’s degree in gerontology in Canada, building on her prior degree in urban planning from the University of Tehran. Her interest in environmental gerontology stems from her urban and environmental background.

She has a diverse background in collaborating with non-profits, private companies, and public and governmental associations in Iran. Since moving to Canada, she has been a research assistant with Hey Neighbour Collective.

Her current research shifts her focus from promoting active mobility and walkability in general to designing cities that support the mobility and well-being of older adults. She explores how environmental features in cities affect their mobility, ability to age in place, and overall quality of life.

As an avid urban flâneur, Sogol captures the city’s vibrant life through her camera lens and enjoys absorbing new cultures in urban settings. She also has a deep appreciation for nature and spends time outdoors whenever possible.

A professional headshot of Sogol Haji Hosseini that depicts her smiling slightly at the camera, her chin-length blonde-brown hair combed to one side, wearing a white button-up shirt.