About us // Ahad Kamranzadeh

Ahad Kamranzadeh

Ahad is a research assistant with Hey Neighbour and works with Brightside Community partners to understand how common spaces in multi-unit buildings – places such as lobbies, amenity rooms, and even laundry rooms – can facilitate social interaction between residents. Along with his research role, he is also working toward a Master’s of Urban Studies with SFU.

Before coming to Canada, he studied and worked as a civil engineer in Mashhad. This background, along with experiencing social isolation while living in a multi-family building in Toronto, has informed his curiosity about his current work and research.

When not thinking about how laundry rooms might be conduits for social connection, Ahad enjoys cooking and watching lighthearted movies.

Ahad Kamranzadeh smiles at the camera, wearing a blue striped longsleeve shirt.