Join our webinar on social sustainability in multi-unit housing

This CMHC-hosted webinar will focus on key learnings from Hey Neighbour Collective partners about programming and partnership approaches that can build community and resilience.

Join us on March 1st at 10 AM PST for a free, CMHC-hosted webinar to learn more about building social sustainability in multi-unit housing.

As Canadian cities densify, multi-unit housing is becoming a dominant form for many households. These housing types, however, sometimes offer lower levels of connection between neighbours and a reduced feeling of community.

But multi-unit housing is not inherently isolating: thoughtful design and programming can help to build community, neighbourly connections and community resilience.

Learn from three Hey Neighbour Collective partners about a range of programming and partnership approaches that strengthen social sustainability in existing multi-unit housing and explore the benefits for both residents and housing operators.

This webinar will be presented in English, with slides translated into French.

Wednesday, March 1st 10am Pacific

Wednesday, March 1st 10:00 AM PST 


Michelle Hoar has a laugh against a brick wall.

Michelle Hoar
Project Director, Hey Neighbour Collective


Stacy Barter, Director of Learning & Evaluation.

Stacy Barter
Executive Director, Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

Suzanne Klassen smiles from behind her charming glasses and her large awesome hair.

Suzanne Klassen
Community Engagement Coordinator, Brightside

Jennifer Conroy, Program Coordinator for Close to Home at the West End Seniors' Network.

Jennifer Conroy
Program Manager, West End Seniors’ Network

Want to start learning from Hey Neighbour partners in advance of the webinar? Our recently published Practice Guides offer tangible solutions for residents and landlords to build social connectedness among residents of multi-unit housing.