The benefits of neighbourly connections for residents in multi-unit housing: video

In this video, residents share why they became community connectors in their multi-unit buildings, what kinds of activities they helped organize, and what the benefits have been.

Extensive research has shown that, for many people, social isolation and loneliness aren’t just troubling in and of themselves—they tend to be linked to an array of personal health problems and declining communities. However, in collaboration with Hey Neighbour Collective partners, residents in multi-unit housing are discovering that there are many ways to foster new social connections and relationships in their buildings.

Residents share through this video why they became “community connectors” or “social animators,” what kinds of activities they helped organize, and what they got back in terms of a greater sense of belonging, support, safety, and community.

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Practice Guide #1: Supporting residents to become community connectors in multi-unit housing

“Resident champions” or “social animators” can do a lot to help foster more vibrant, connected communities in multi-unit housing. The results are often a greater sense of belonging for everyone and more robust practices of spontaneous mutual aid, among other benefits. This guide discusses fun activities that residents can initiate, both “light-touch” and more involved, from lobby puzzles and doggy play-dates to emergency preparedness workshops. Also explored are many relatively easy things that landlords, housing operators, community organizations, and governments can do to support residents in making these kinds of activities happen.