Partner snapshot: Catalyst Community Developments

Catalyst Building Developments is carrying out a Community Connections Pilot.

Catalyst is carrying out a “Community Connections Pilot” which includes landlord-led or supported social events, workshops, and “Town Hall meetings”, as well as support for resident-led community building initiatives. In addition, they have set up communication systems to support community interaction, and are actively working with tenants to identify opportunities to maximize the social potential of the physical design of their buildings and properties.

Partner Overview

Not-for Profit Real Estate Developer/Owner/Operator

Catalyst Community Development is a not-for-profit real estate developer/owner/operator that partners with community non-profit organizations and municipalities to build new rental homes that are affordable in the range of 10-40% below market.


To unlock the value of community assets to create vibrant, affordable, and inspiring place for people to live and work in.

Participating Communities and related information

» Victoria, Penticton, Richmond, Vancouver
» 4 buildings total
» Low rise, mixed use, townhouses
» Approximately 151 units Below-market rental
» Individuals and families earning total household incomes of between $20,000
and $100,000 a year
» People with disabilities